Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Engagement Rings

I came across this comment yesterday in one of the blogs I follow:
"COMMENT OF THE DAY" section: "My BF made 103k last year and spent $750 on my 0.5 carat ring. Am I a bitch for feeling offended? He has spent double that recently on a plasma TV, he is about to buy himself an Audi, he has spent $1,500 playing poker with friends in the last month, I feel like maybe he is just SAYING Im high priority to him. Am I a bitch for not wanting to even wear it? The diamond has visible blemishes-cracks and about 3 visible chunks of rock in it. I don’t wear stained or torn clothing, why would I wear a visibly blemished rock? "
For me, a ring is a ring. Ladies should appreciate the fact that the guy made an effort to buy her one. It is after all the thought that counts.
On the flip side of the equation, this does not bode well for the guys priorities in life. Yes, he may not understand the value of a ring in a woman eye, as women does not always understand the appeal of a muscle car to men,  but i would think that most men would put more value on his partner's engagement ring over a plasma TV. Then again I don't know much about diamond rings. 
What is the acceptable "price" of an engagement ring? I saw in a De Beers article that that it should be 2 months worth of the man's salary, another article says 3 months. I say what looks good to the man, what he thinks his partner will like, and what he can afford are the things that matter. Be it just a day's worth of salary or even a year's worth of salary.

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  1. agree ako dun sa 3 months salary. haha joke. a gift is a gift. although i hope the guy would also give it much thought before getting one. an engagement ring is a sign of your commitment. :)