Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Round of Xiao Long Bao, please!

Ending this week with lunch at Shi Lin, Podium with a colleague. An hour and half of stolen downtime is worth the sleepiness and drowsiness that comes after a good meal.

As always the Xiao Long Bao of Shi Lin was excellent, as always. I can eat this dim sum everyday of the week. I did not get the appeal of this Dim Sum the first time I tried it in Din Tai Fung in Singapore. I am pretty much used to the local Dim Sum which is dry and has no soup. But I find that the taste and novelty of eating it grew on me. Xiao Long Bao is now a mainstay of my meal whenever available.

 The Red Bean for desserts was scrumptious. Not many people understand the appeal of eating Red Beans for desserts but I just love that mix of sweetness in the bean paste and the opposing blandness of the soft wrapper. Most people prefer the cheesecake and the Cool Almond Jelly with Lychee for desserts but once they try the Red Beans, people I know get hooked as well. Once they have the courage to try one that is.



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  1. Din Tai Fung is really good! :) Xiao Long Bao is yummy :)